International Meeting


22-26 October 2018

The conference is held on the initiative and with financial support of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the aim of research coordination and information exchange about the latest achievements in the field of obtaining, studying and application of nanosized systems and nanomaterials. The conference will allow discussing new results and will include the most important fundamental, applied and technological aspects of the problem. At the meeting will be held satellite conference of the project ACCELERATE of H2020 program.


Conference Languages:

English (for abstracts and oral presentation )

English, Russian and Ukrainian (for letters, posters and articles)


The Meeting will be held in tourist complex «Vodogray», situated near Uzhgorod (~ 60km) and Mukachevo   (~ 15km) in the Carpatian Mountains.


Program and materials CNM5 (Print) 

Program and materials CNM5 (On-line)